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Baltic Amber Mermaid Intaglio Cuff Bracelet

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Baltic Amber Mermaid Intaglio Cuff Bracelet
Baltic Amber Mermaid Intaglio Cuff Bracelet, this Piece has been hand carved from the back with a small drill by an Amber Artist.  Notice the detail of the carving how the Artist brings you right under the Sea into the hands of the Mermaid and the fish.  A Beauty to be handed down for generations in your family!  The stone measures 26X28mm.  Setting and Cuff are 925 Sterling Silver.  This Piece holds such Beauty and Balance, also notice the way the light reflects different parts as they go into light and shadow causing a new discovery with every time it is viewed!  Made in Poland.  Cuff fits any Adult Sized Wrist.
You will receive the exact Bracelet in the photos.
Arrives to your home with the "All About Amber" Brochure which includes care instructions.