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Baltic Amber Necklace

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Baltic Amber Necklace
Elegant Natural Baltic Amber Necklace! Pendant is 925 Sterling Silver, High Quality Cherry Amber on the top portion and Beautiful swirly cloud like Amber used for the lower Butterscotch portion! Amazing Piece! 50X20mm.  Also comes with Natural Baltic Amber Multicolored, mainly Butterscotch, 39" of Gorgeous beads. Beads vary in Size from 4-10mm, perfect for many occasions or for just wrapping around your neck a couple times and wearing it just the way it is! 
Please note, the way the Pendant hangs put the screw clasp on the back side of your neck to one side or the other, it is not in the middle, thanks!
Made in Poland.
You will receive one Necklace.
Arrives to your home with the "All About Amber" Brochure which includes care instructions.