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Baltic Amber Statement Piece Necklace

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Natural Baltic Amber Handsewn Statement Piece Necklace
Indulge in the extraordinary, make a statement with nature's mesmerizing art.  This awe inspiring Piece is as captivating as you are. Handmade by an Artist from the Baltic Region now residing in Canada, she sourced her Amber from Russia, and the Glass seed Beads are Japanese.  This Beauty is a labor of love, meticulously crafted by skilled hands to showcase the radiant beauty of Baltic Amber in a unique and intricate design. This Statement Piece measures 18" and can be adjusted to 17.5" or 178".  Amber Closure.  The width of the Piece measures 2" inches. 
You will receive one Necklace.
Arrives to your home in a Beautiful Box with the "All About Amber" Brochure!  Thank you for looking!